Discover the gorgeous Foutas of Le Cabas d’Anna

The traditional Tunisian hammam towel

Why call it a towel, when you can be exotic and call it a fouta! The fouta is the traditional Tunisian hammam towel that people wrap around their waist at the baths. Fouta making is a traditional Tunisian craft: Men take care of the physically demanding weaving using a loom and women generally handle the handmade finishes. Weaving comes in different types:

  • Flat texture
  • Honeycomb texture (more absorbing)
  • Chevron patterns

Superior materials and craftmanship for a quality product

The foutas are made of 100% natural cotton. This premium quality cotton is sourced from India for a thick, plush feeling.

Thin, light and absorbent

Foutas have many uses and advantages, they are light, very absorbent and soft to the touch.
They dry off quickly, making them your ideal companion for the pool, the beach, the bath or on a boat.


There are as many ways you can use foutas…

  • as a bath or beach towel
  • around the pool
  • on the boat
  • as a tablecloth
  • as a scarf or a skirt
  • as a throw
  • as a blanket at home
  • for picnics at the park

Perfectly sized

Out foutas are available in 2 sizes:

  • Medium : Most of our foutas are 40 by 80 inches. It’s a perfect size for the bathroom, a waist towel or as a one-person beach towel.
  • Large : The larger foutas measure 75 by 115 inches or 90 by 100 inches. This larger size is perfect as a 2-person beach towel, a tablecloth or as a throw to decorate the couch.